Thursday, April 30, 2020

Evans Brothers Coffee

Subject: Evans Brothers Coffee
Location Visited: Coeur d'Alene, ID
WiFi?: yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

My first trip through Idaho's northern landscape found jaw-dropping vistas and alluring small towns, especially the fair city of Coeur d'Alene. Situated on a huge lake, the city of Coeur d'Alene stared at me from the highway as I passed through, but sadly I had to refuse its siren call due to a tight time table that had no room for detours. Nonetheless, that day I determined that the next time I was in the area, I would give myself plenty of time to look around Coeur d'Alene.

Sadly, it took over a decade for that to happen. Driving east from Montana, I arrived in Coeur d'Alene one crisp afternoon to walk its streets and sip the local coffee. High on my cafe list was Evans Brothers, an Idaho roaster with a location in CDA. Situated on 5th St, their giant sign is easily visible from its brick wall perch, guiding eager patrons through their doors. Inside I found a spacious and beautifully decorated cafe, chock full of seating, coffee and sunlight.

As for beverages, I settled upon an espresso of their Fall Line and a batch brew of a single origin Colombian. The espresso, pulled short/medium with brown crema, dished out rich notes of chocolate, tangerine, vanilla, lime zest, sourdough and a little arugula, proving vibrant and toothsome. The drip infusion also fared well, sending flavor shock waves of apple, cantaloupe, snap pea, fig and Italian bread in a super smooth, medium body.

My time at Evans Brothers was all too short, but sadly I bid them adieu as I had much more to see. As I left, I prayed that I will make it back to town in less than a decade to visit Evans Brothers again. Naturally, if you happen to be in Coeur d'Alene or near any of their other shops, definitely check out Evans Brothers for some superb coffee.

These wonderful folks made this visit possible in part. Make sure to check them out!

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