Monday, June 27, 2016


Subject: Slipstream
Location: Washington DC
WiFi?: yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

Many coffee beverages share a lot in common with cocktails. Like a good cocktail, the ingredients and methodology will carry or crash the beverage. Also, much like a skilled bartender should know how to make an old fashioned or martini, a good barista will easily know the difference between a traditional cappuccino, a flat white and a latte. Add to the mix the growing overlap between cocktails and coffee beverages, and it's no wonder that places like DC's Slipstream have grown in popularity.

Established as a place where the average citizen can grab excellent coffee as well as a top-rate cocktail (plus beer or wine), Slipstream slipped onto the DC scene back in the autumn of 2014. With plenty of positive feedback resulting over the past months, it was clear that my next trip to the streets of our capital would lead me to their front doors. 

I finally made the trip one weekend when nearby on business, and after finding some easy street parking, I wove my way to their front door. Inside, the place was packed with all manner of patrons: some were munching away on brunch while others were just sipping on their beverage of choice. The decor was largely monochromatic with punctuations of vibrant color plus lots of sunlight in the shop front and back.

As for their coffee, they serve up Madcap Coffee, a more (pleasantly) regular site on the east coast since they opened their DC training facility. For my espresso, I ordered their Third Coast and a drip of their Ethiopia Yukro. The espresso, pulled short with brown crema, smacked mostly of chocolate, lemon, apricot, mozzarella and fresh corn, proving sweet and bright. The filtered Ethiopian trumpeted out a fruity, confectionary concoction of lemon poundcake, buttermilk, rosemary, strawberry, fig and a little romaine lettuce within a light body.

Not having the luxury of sticking around for a snack (never mind a cocktail), I can only venture that if they construct everything as pleasingly as they do their coffee, there's no wonder that finding a table was tough. The next time you're in DC, make sure to slip out to Slipstream.

These wonderful folks made this visit possible in part. Make sure to check them out!


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Paula said...

Hi Bill. Thanks for sharing. Great spot for a refreshing after a day touring in the busy streets. Seems to be very nice and a quiet place. I love the decor particularly the wall paintings.I will be going there very soon with my friends. Hope getting a table would not b tough.