Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mugged: Reunion Island Coffee Roasters

Subject: Reunion Island Coffee Roasters
Coffees Mugged and Rating [see key]:
- Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza Brazil Obata 6+
- Finca Buenos Aires Colombia Gesha 6+

Great coffee rarely sticks around for a long time, especially microlots. Sure the name all but spells out "limited availability" but not all smaller offerings are created equal. Two that barely got to my door before selling out were two fantastic selections from Reunion Island Coffee Roasters.

The first coffee sent out was an Obata variety from Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza in Brazil, a coffee that has been nicknamed "the Brazilian Gesha" because of its delicious intricacies. Per the usual battery of tests, I started off with a pourover which produced a lush, sultry brew of chocolate, apple, blueberry, hefeweizen, vanilla cake, peanut and dandelion greens. The french press pushed out chocolate, wheat, peanut, blueberry, apple and romain lettuce, proving sweet, nutty and smooth. The siphon produced a lighter brew of nougat, vanilla, buttery cake, blueberry, apple, dandelion greens and nuts. All together, I found the coffee deliciously sweet; a nice mix of confectionary, fruity and nutty flavors blended into one coffee. 

The second coffee was an actual Gesha varietal coming from Finca Buenos Aires in Colombia. The pourover sang of honey, chocolate, fig, raisin, peanut and black cherry cola, making for a deeply sweet brew in a medium body. The french press provided a buttery concoction of raisin, peanut, light honey, fig and cola, providing a sultry sweetness with decent juiciness. The siphon finished the trifecta with a syrupy infusion smacking of honey, fig, peanuts, apple pie, butter and cola in a medium body. In summation, a sweet coffee with some deep qualities that played out tremendously well in the cup. 

While these coffees are gone for the time being, definitely keep your eyes on Reunion Island for some other interesting coffees. 

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.

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