Sunday, April 04, 2010

CC: Moko Coffee & Tea

What's does "CC" mean? Location visited: Cleveland, OH
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It's not every day that you spot an Amish man (at least he looked Amish) walking a baby giraffe down a city street, but it's not every day that I'm in Cleveland. This great lake-bordered city is one I rarely visit and in the precious minutes I had, I tried to make the best of it.

So of the few stops I did make, one of them was at a place called Moko Coffee & Tea. A coffeehouse slinging Intelligentsia located in Playhouse Square seemed like a fine stop and thus after my pet giraffe sighting, I made my pit stop.

Moko is a lobby cafe with nice high ceilings, a prominent counter/preparation area and a simple monochromatic color scheme. The coffee is a custom, Intelly-crafted Moko House Blend that despite having an off bitterness on the back and a little staleness, it held nice cocoa flavors, a fairly balanced body and some pear as it cooled. The espresso, pulled short with quality crema, was a good showing of Black Cat, with the usual lemon and cocoa flavors shadowed with sugar cane as well as some unique chai notes on the end. The tea is free leaf.

To put it plain, Moko added a sumptuous facet to my Cleveland adventure. Though it doesn't seem that Moko is using a lot of Intelly's other coffees, they seem to be doing a decent job with what they got. If you happen to be passing through, stop by Moko.

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Unknown said...

What about Decaffeinated Tea? I'm not allowed to drink coffee or anything which has high caffeine content. Do they have a decent Decaf Tea in their menu?