Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CC: 2nd Cup Cafe

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2nd Cup Cafe
Location visited: Allston, MA
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In another trip to the lovely city of Boston, I found myself one day en route to a lunch meeting almost an hour early with still no breakfast ingested. Given that I am not one to skip breakfast or to waste idle time, I queried of my party (we were four that day) of stopping at a local coffee spot with untold promise.

I say untold because 2nd Cup Cafe came up as a place that serves George Howell's coffee but not as a place any one coffee nerd has raved of. Therefore, I stayed on my toes in the initial approach of 2nd Cup's orange awning-ed shop with one of their large windows wide open to take in the warm breeze. Inside, I noticed the cafe had a variation of comfortable furniture all surrounded by warm orange and yellow decor.

Stepping up to the counter to order, I observed the coffee choices (also posted on the website) were a House or French Roast, both from George Howell. Since I've had very few positive experiences with a french roast, I opted for the House. Said drip demonstrated a smooth coffee smacking of grain, subtle honey (that's what my wife calls me), a bit of green tea and some chocolate, not to mention a little grape as it cooled. The espresso, pulled short/medium, had a white foamy head with flavors of cherry buried under bitterness, a little cocoa and bits of cardboard all amidst a piping hot (a little too hot) temperature and milky texture. The tea is free leaf.

I credit 2nd Cup with being a good breakfast stop and having decent coffee, but if they took their espresso to the next level and maybe added a little coffee variety, I could see this little cafe jumping to new heights. We shall see.

If you're in Allston, give 2nd Cup a heave-ho.

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