Thursday, March 25, 2010

CC: Chava Cafe

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Chava Cafe
Location visited: Chicago, IL
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While I have been to Chicago many times before, I revel in this recent trip the most. Not only did I get to spend some serious time in the thriving metropolis, but I was with good company (one of them a local) and in glorious weather for early Spring.

So on one sunny, calm day I made a trip to Chava Cafe, a joint reputed to be doing some good things with Intelligentsia's coffee. Chava sits in a nice round-cornered facility with windows between pillars throughout with a huge interior to match, rich with calming colors and intriguing furniture.

The cafe also owns a Clover (plus, if their barista was correct, mentioned that a comparable device was to be tested in Chava in coming days). I ordered Intelly's Ikerizi, Burundi clover-ized, a beautiful, light brew that showed maple syrup over buttermilk waffle, a little sour apple and some caramel and chocolate truffle. My espresso also impressed, as it was a good, short pull of Black Cat, producing a thick chocolate chip cookie, some lemon, a bit of sea salt and a nice crema. The tea is free leaf.

In my list of cafes I wish I lived near, I can confidently say that Chava would be in my top 20. If you're in Chicago, take a trip to Chava.

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