Sunday, April 11, 2010

CC: Blue Max Coffee

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Blue Max Coffee
Location visited: Forest Park, IL
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As much as I wish I was a morning person, getting up with the sun for work-related purposes is harder then scaling a wall upside-down (sorta). But little incentives can make all the difference.

Several weeks ago, I had to get up much earlier then usual but to make it truly worth my while, I had earmarked a coffee stop called Blue Max Coffee in nearby Forest Park outside Chicago. Driving up to Blue Max in the early AM, the sun reflected nicely off the vanilla siding of the converted house-to-cafe. Indoors, the old domicile layout is still evident but despite the extra wall or two, the space is fairly open with lots of seating, an enclosed porch and an overall pleasing aesthetic.

Blue Max roasts their own coffee (the drum roaster sits in the cafe) and that morning, I sprang for their Nicaraguan, a light roast that held the bright sweetness of pear and caramel as well as some hazelnut and a flair of sauciness (a good cup in my eyes). The espresso, pulled short with a marbled crema, gave a combination of a merlot, some cinnamon, a lemon sucker (the candy of course) and some orange juice with a tip of bitterness (aka pretty swell). The tea is free leaf.

Even though I still hit a predictable wall of weariness later that day, Blue Max definitely fueled my morning with some pretty stellar coffee. I hope to try them again (soon?) as I'm sure this trip was no anomaly.

Despite the hour which you arise, I propose making a stop at Blue Max Coffee.

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