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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bean Box

A lot of coffee subscription services serve up a different coffee from all over the nation, but few target one specific area or city. Yet that's exactly what Bean Box does, serving up 4 coffees roasted only in Seattle to their constituents. Using 2 oz bags, I received the following coffee in my shipment: Kuma Coffee's Guatemala La Esperanza, Herkimer Coffee's Drip Blend, Long Shoreman's Daughter Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (FTO) and Lighthouse Roasters Roaster's Choice. Each of these coffees I sampled via pourover and since the sample size was so small, I really could not issue a definitive rating on the coffees, and hence the below are simply the tasting notes.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

CC: Porchlight Coffee

Subject: Porchlight Coffee and Records
Location: Seattle, WA
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 5+ [see key]

If there is one hobby I wouldn't mind picking up, it's buying records. I love the sound quality (especially of older, original albums), the huge disc shape and the seemingly undying surge of record collectors. If anything, it's purely the abundance of other stuff in my life that keeps records at bay.

Yet despite my lack of record keeping, I still love record shops and I love it when the concept of a record store fuses with that of a quality coffeehouses to create a megazord like Porchlight Coffee and Records. Residing on 14th between Pine and Pike, the coffeehouse has a pleasant muted exterior that funnels into a simple cafe, with white walls, large open windows and two namesake porch lights dangling from the ceiling near a rare Seattle skylight that does a good job of pulling in the limited rays.

As for coffee, they sling local Herkimer Coffee. As I perused the records that fine morning, I grabbed an espresso of their Espresso Blend and a drip of their Drip Blend.  The espresso, pulled short with a brown crema, smacked of a delicious blend of lemon, roast chicken, rosemary, cocoa, salty caramel and a little seltzer amidst a deep body. The drip proved a little too smoky for my liking (had a minor flavor of tobacco on the back end), but it still made for a tasty cup with notes of wheat, cashew, sage, spinach and some olive oil.

Except for the drip (which was still good and could have very well been a fluke that day), Porchlight made for a convenient quality coffee stop, whether you seek records or not. Make your way over when you're in town.

Monday, April 29, 2013

CC: Metropolis Coffee

Subject: Metropolis Coffee
Location: Denver, CO
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

Back in 2007, I had a road trip planned through Denver and naturally, had a list of coffeehouses to hit. Sadly, because of time lost during that fabled road trip, I only made it to one place outside of Denver (Calders Coffee right during their last few days of operation). Additionally, since my scrapbooking stinks, I don't recall all of the spots I had hoped to patronize in one: Denver's Metropolis Coffee. I remember it solely because Metropolis Coffee of Chicago was also on my list, and unlike the Denver Metropolis, I was able to hit Metropolis Chicago (note that the two Metropolises are unrelated).

But finally, after many long years, I was able to hit Metropolis Coffee of Denver at their Golden Triangle location. Sitting in the corner retail space of a swanky apartment building, Metropolis' interior consisted of vaulted ceilings, deep red walls and tons of window space surrounding a nice assortment of seating.

As for coffee, they serve up Herkimer Coffee out of Seattle. While visiting, I ordered an espresso of what I believe was the Espresso Blend (my notes do not name it but my memory recalls it so) and a drip of a Kenyan. The espresso, pulled short with brown crema, proved sweetly delicious with notes of rock candy, semisweet chocolate, a little salt, a bit of bourbon and sassafras. The drip of the Kenyan purveyed notes of strawberry, barley, tomato, sugar cookie and a little parsley, a coffee proving light and succulent.

While I am not a fan of waiting, Metropolis Coffee of Denver was well worth it. If you're in town, make sure to stop by this Denver gem.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

CC: Crema Coffee House

Subject: Crema Coffee House
Location: Denver, CO
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

One sunny Denver morning, I had the delightful luxury of taking it slow and having a lackadaisical coffee stop before starting my day. Given my geography at the time, I set my sights on a local establishment with an effervescent reputation, Crema Coffee House.

Sitting in a black brick building on a corner lot, Crema has a unique exterior with a lot of sleek design elements that pull forward your eyes to its existence. Inside, the place reverberates with a stylish yet efficiently purposed space, complete with a chandelier, lots of natural light and some interesting art.

Their coffee is as copious as it comes, with numerous roasters on hand such as Counter Culture, Novo, Boxcar, Herkimer and Dogwood. That morning, I had an espresso from Herkimer (their Espresso Blend I believe) and a french press of a Colombian from Novo. The espresso, pulled short with a brown crema, held notes of dark cocoa, a little clove, light sugar, a bit of ginger and a smoky finish, all of which combined to form a sweet and balanced infusion. The Colombian doled out a delicious light-medium bodied brew that smacked of wheat, pear, black tea, banana nut muffin and broth.

All together (now!), Crema provided great coffee, great service and wonderful ambiance; I couldn't have chosen a better spot to start off my slow day. If you're in or around Denver, give Crema your patronage.

Monday, November 08, 2010

CC: Herkimer Coffee

What's does "CC" mean?

Herkimer Coffee
Location visited: Seattle, WA
(Greenwood Ave location)
Free WiFi ? : yes
6+ [
see key]

It's still a rare find these days to see coffee roasters focus exclusively on coffees that are environmentally and/or socially responsible. But slowly enough it seems, such practices are becoming more and more common.

One Seattle coffee operation that seems to hold a healthy outlook on their products is Herkimer Coffee. I had caught wind of them due to their reputation for serving quality beans but upon a little more investigation, I was impressed to find their aims for quality extend into the ethical arena (organic, fair trade, etc).

I paid my visit to Herkimer's Phinney Ridge location one lovely weekend morning when the streets were flurried with activity and their shop full of patrons. The entire cafe has a lovely wood construction that makes it seem rugged yet dapper, not to mention the splendid accompaniment of gorgeous lighting, complimentary decor (especially the animal art) and extensive seating (both inside and out).

Of their coffee, I sampled their Colombian via drip and an espresso (which utilizes their espresso blend). The filtered coffee marched in a honey-sweet, grassy coffee with a nice earthiness, a little bright Belgian ale, some bourbon chicken and a subtle darkness that did not hinder the other flavors, but shadowed them well. The espresso espoused bitter cocoa, lemon, glazed doughnut and some dry-roasted peanut all rolled in a well-pulled short shot with robust crema. I did not note the tea.

The glory of Herkimer proved all it was foretold to be. I tip my hat to their tasty products produced responsibly. When nearby, go Herkimer.