Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Fill in the Coffee Map -Take 3

After a long run on the last Fill in the Coffee Map leg, the series will launch a third go! As one can observe from the many quality coffee establishments already mapped, there have been many places visited but still so many more places to herald.

Like the the past efforts, I will definitely need the aid of sponsors. To clearly designate their assistance, you will see their banners highlighted on the side bars of the blog and at the bottom of each post. These banners highlight their aid in helping fund the costs of acquiring/producing this content but never any influence on the content tone. As usual, I fully assure you that my posts are still 100% my own and remains completely uninfluenced by anyone. The sponsors only help me get to these coffeehouses, and no sponsor had any knowledge of or input on any content whatsoever (I say all of this as I am a huge proponent of transparency, and thus I wanted to emphasize the role of my sponsors and that the Pure Coffee Blog still only operates in the realm of objectivity).

Thus, if you are interested in coming on as a sponsor in the coming weeks, please let me know by shooting me a quick email at bill.purecoffee@gmail.com and stay tuned for new shops to add to the map!

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