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Monday, September 18, 2017


Subject: Mudsmith
Location: Dallas, TX
WiFi?: yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

If I've said it once, I'll say it one thousand times: I love quality coffee shops that (can) stay open late. Years ago, the only way a caffeinated establishment would dare stay open late (at least on the east coast) would be if said coffeehouse had an open mic night. But now, across the nation more and more coffee bars keep their doors open past 5 PM, whether it's because they have delved into the food + liquor scene or simply because patrons are just fans of late night lattes.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Weekend Coffee

Subject: Weekend Coffee
Location: Dallas, TX
WiFi?: yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

Weekends are usually the focal point of a person's week. Outings get planned, ideas become daydreams and recreation gets Grouponed. We are a culture that lives and dies by our weekends.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Houndstooth Coffee

Subject: Houndstooth Coffee
Location: Dallas, TX
WiFi?: yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

As a young lad growing up a Philadelphia Eagles fan, Dallas always seemed like a place I wasn't supposed to like, especially in the autumn. Naturally as I aged I learned to confine my disdain purely to the Cowboys, and the more I discovered distantly of Dallas' blossoming coffee scene, the more I began to yearn for a lengthy visit. 

Friday, June 09, 2017


Subject: Cultivar
Location visited: East Dallas, TX
WiFi?: yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

I am told supermarkets made their rise primarily because they made many stops into one. Instead of hitting the butcher, the farmers market and the dry goods emporium, folks could get it all in one shot. While I am a strong advocate of shopping at specialty vendors (ie I love going to a butcher), in practice I absolutely see the value in convenience, so when quality small businesses team up to share a location, my heart soars.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Mugged: Chania Estate and Mirador Finca La Bolsa [Tweed Coffee]

Subject: Tweed Coffee
Coffee Mugged: Guatemala Mirador Finca La Bolsa and Kenya Chania Estate
Rating [see key]: Guatemala 4+ and Kenya 5+

One of the great facets of the current coffee world is the many choices one has in coffee roasters. Gone are the days where you had a few choices as to where one obtained good beans; now, like wine and other beverages, quality variety has become extensive.

Many of the new faces in roasting have come from the expansion of coffeehouses into microroasters. It almost seems to be an inevitable progression, that if a shop excels at slinging spectacular coffee, eventually the siren call of roasting will be but too strong to resist. One of the more recent to take up the mantle of roasting is Tweed Coffee Roasters, the relatively new roasting operation calved from Houndstooth Coffee of Texas fame. I was fortunate enough to receive a package from them some weeks ago with two coffees to try out: their Kenya Chania Estate, a dry processed coffee from the area of Thika, and their Mirador Finca La Bolsa from Guatemala. Each I sampled via pourover, french press and siphon.

Starting with the Kenya pourover, the coffee demonstrated a medium-bodied brew of fuji apple, sea salt, unsweetened cocoa, rosemary, chicken broth and a bit of black tea. The french press proved less salty and richer in flavor, with strong notes of apple juice, pie crust, vanilla, white chocolate and snap peas. The siphon drew out salty caramel, fuji apple, white chocolate, snap peas and some malt. All together, a rich coffee with lots of sweet and sumptuous flavors, only proving just a tad salty.

The Guatemalan proved a touch heavier and heartier. The pourover doled out notes of berries, croissant, chorizo, apple cider, whole milk and cinnamon. The french press held croissant, apple cider, whole milk, wheat and a touch of cinnamon, all together proving lighter and sweeter but still a little spicy. The siphon proved the deepest, with notes of raisin, apple, cola, cream and nutmeg within a medium body. A sweet and deep coffee with some nice flavors and noticeable spice.

Thus Tweed arrives on the scene with some great beans and many years to further hone their craft. Check out their website to order a bag or if you happen to be in Texas, swing by one their Houndstooth affiliates.

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.  

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mugged: DeNossA Signature Blend [Memoria]

Subject: Memoria Coffee
Mugged: DeNossA Signature Blend
Rating [see key]: 3+

A cooperating community of professionals is a great thing, and many an organization has aimed to harness its power for the collective good. In Dallas, a group called Memoria has taken the initiative to create a member-driven community that includes a nice-looking lounge and a spiffy cafe.

In the spirit of entrepreneurship, they offer their own blend of medium-roasted Colombian coffee called the DeNossA Signature Blend. They sent me a pound to try out at home and I sampled it via pourover, french press and siphon.

The drip infusion doled out notes of whole milk, tobacco, pretzel, graham cracker, cherries, lemon pepper and a bit of corn. A sweet brew with a deep body and primarily bitter notes, though some nice brightness peeked through.

The french press held graham cracker, tobacco, pretzel, milk, nutmeg and corn amidst a deep body. Still malty and bitter, but less sweet and more peppery.

The siphon doled out a similar brew, with notes of graham cracker, pretzel, cocoa, nutmeg, milk and corn amidst a heavy body. Still deep and sweet.

While the coffee was a little too dark in roast for my tastes (much closer to a medium-dark roast), the coffee did have positives with some sweet and hearty flavors. If you're looking for a darker Colombian coffee with your networking possibilities, give Memoria's DeNossA Signature Blend a try.

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.