Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Weekend Coffee

Subject: Weekend Coffee
Location: Dallas, TX
WiFi?: yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

Weekends are usually the focal point of a person's week. Outings get planned, ideas become daydreams and recreation gets Grouponed. We are a culture that lives and dies by our weekends.

In the same way, there's a coffee establishment in downtown Dallas that seems to evoke thoughts of sun-kissed mornings and Saturday brunch. Nestled in the lobby of the Joule hotel exists a cozy outpost called Weekend Coffee, a beautifully-designed cafe serving up Seattle's Victrola Coffee to eager Texans and tourists alike. First walking in, the shop sits to the right, flanked by large glass windows and tall, geometric shelves. The bar is cozily nestled in the front, leaving plenty of seating spread throughout the remainder of the lobby.

As for coffee the day of my visit, I ordered up an espresso of their Streamline Espresso Blend and pourover of a Kenya. My shots proved delectable, with notes of lemon, cucumber, chocolate, vanilla cake and light powdered sugar captured in a short pull with brown crema. The pourover also kept the good times alive, trumpeting out rich notes of strawberries and cream, grapes, pound cake, cola and almond candy in light bodied brew of excellence.

Finishing off my coffee in the open air of the lobby, I left on my way twice as mirthful as when I bound through the door. If you happen to be in Dallas, consider staying the night at the Joule but definitely make a stop at Weekend Coffee for a coffee experience befitting a sunny Saturday.

These wonderful folks made this visit possible in part. Make sure to check them out!


Jane said...

Great post! I completely agree about weekend coffee catchups being an essential and greatly anticipated part of the week. Exploring new coffee shops in the area is always fun - and this one looks like a particularly good find. I even love looking forward to a good home brew, made with my favourite coffee beans and a french press machine.

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