Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mugged: DeNossA Signature Blend [Memoria]

Subject: Memoria Coffee
Mugged: DeNossA Signature Blend
Rating [see key]: 3+

A cooperating community of professionals is a great thing, and many an organization has aimed to harness its power for the collective good. In Dallas, a group called Memoria has taken the initiative to create a member-driven community that includes a nice-looking lounge and a spiffy cafe.

In the spirit of entrepreneurship, they offer their own blend of medium-roasted Colombian coffee called the DeNossA Signature Blend. They sent me a pound to try out at home and I sampled it via pourover, french press and siphon.

The drip infusion doled out notes of whole milk, tobacco, pretzel, graham cracker, cherries, lemon pepper and a bit of corn. A sweet brew with a deep body and primarily bitter notes, though some nice brightness peeked through.

The french press held graham cracker, tobacco, pretzel, milk, nutmeg and corn amidst a deep body. Still malty and bitter, but less sweet and more peppery.

The siphon doled out a similar brew, with notes of graham cracker, pretzel, cocoa, nutmeg, milk and corn amidst a heavy body. Still deep and sweet.

While the coffee was a little too dark in roast for my tastes (much closer to a medium-dark roast), the coffee did have positives with some sweet and hearty flavors. If you're looking for a darker Colombian coffee with your networking possibilities, give Memoria's DeNossA Signature Blend a try.

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback. 

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