Wednesday, April 12, 2023

ThreeBirds Coffee House

Subject: ThreeBirds Coffee House
Location visited: Easton, PA
WiFi?: yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

Old house architecture so often gets lost to time and private ownership. Sure, that's kind of the point of houses, but when a gorgeous gem of a residence takes on new life as a more public space, its like sharing or learning a beautiful secret.

While traveling through Easton, I came across such a revelation. Housed in Bull Mansion near the town waterfront (horrifically divided by the interestate) sits ThreeBirds Coffee House. While the outside only hints to its past, the interior shines in Victorian splendor with numerous vintage spaces lovingly restored to their former glory complete with contemporary touches. 

As for coffee, they serve Passenger Coffee. The day of my visit, I ordered up an espresso of an El Salvador and a drip of an Ethiopian. The espresso, pulled short/medium with brown crema, smacked of melon, pomegranate, cocoa, cream, rooibos and a little rosemary, proving sweet and bright. The drip also fared excellently, with super perky notes of honey, strawberry, maraschino cherry, nougat, whipped cream and pecan.   

After taking my time drinking in the majestic surroundings as well as my beverages, I had to head south on my way home. The next time you are in town or passing through, definitely stop by ThreeBirds for some excellent coffee in a gorgeous manor. 

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