Sunday, March 12, 2023

The Almeta

Subject: The Almeta
Location: Cape Charles, VA
WiFi?: yes
Rating: 5+ [see key]

Quality hotel experiences are still rarely paired with superb coffee, even in this day and age where such coffees have become far more common. Granted I have not stayed at many establishments these past years, but in my observations, it seems most hotels are content to offer a k-cup or packet of cheap satisfaction. 

It is places like The Almeta in the Hotel Cape Charles that are beacons of light amidst the gloom. Awaiting at the foot of the Delmarva peninsula sits a coffee shop and hotel duo with multi-faceted appeal. The hotel sits in a lovely building, with the coffee shop off to the left (as one approaches the front), with plenty of seating around the cafe as well as in the hotel lobby and courtyard. 

As for coffee, they serve Onyx. The day of my visit, I had an espresso of Monarch and a drip of Tropical Weather. The espresso, pulled to a medium/long volume with brown crema, smacked of chocolate, lemon zest, passion fruit, champagne, grapes, almond and a touch of Greek yogurt, proving sweet and delicate. The drip coffee made for a good infusion as well, with deep notes of dark cocoa, cream, apple pie, molasses and dates. 

While I only had a short time to spend in town, I drank in every minute . If you happen to be driving north or stopping for a visit, definitely give a visit to the Hotel Cape Charles and The Almeta.

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