Thursday, January 05, 2023

Thank You Thank You

Subject: Thank You Thank You Coffee Brewers
Location: Philadelphia, PA
WiFi?: yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

Jewelers' Row has not been one of my frequent stops in Philly, mainly because I buy very few gems (my wife does not allow me to buy her jewelry anymore), yet nonetheless, I have long loved to visit occasionally. So when I found out a newer coffee shop was brewing up a variety of great roasters in a cozy corner on the row, I made quick plans to visit.

Thank You Thank You Coffee Brewers sits a block north of Washington Square park on 7th and Sansom. The exterior is a simple windowed brick shop with plenty of exterior colonial charm. Inside, the cafe boasts a delightful bar and a two walls of drinking surface (ie bars and tables), perfect square footage for a Philly cafe.

As for coffee that chilly morning of my visit, I went with an espresso of a Brazil single origin from Amsterdam's Mahattan Coffee Roasters and a drip of a Honduras from Sey. The espresso, pulled to a medium length with light brown crema, smacked of almond cookie, caramel, cascara, nougat, mineral water and croissant, proving super sweet and delicate. The drip coffee also set off cheers of joy, with some of the most potent chocolate notes I've had, as well as supporting flavors of cherry, toffee scone and mango jam. 

At the risk of sounding overtly jubilant, if Thank You Thank You consistently dishes out brews like I had on my inaugural visit, I will be back many times. If you're around Philly, definitely check them out.   

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