Thursday, September 22, 2022


Subject: Crimson
Location visited: Easton Town Center, Columbus, OH
WiFi?: yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

Sometimes a company will wish to rebrand or redo their image. This process is one fraught with peril, as the change can confuse people at best and drive them away at worst. Amidst coffee brands, I have seen a few make a change so drastic that they had to do damage control and/or reconnect the dots for the public, but for the wise, the efforts to redevelop or change are usually met with a level of intrigue, such as Crimson Cup of Columbus expanding their brand into a newer arm called simply Crimson.

For their new endeavor, they picked a lovely space in the Easton Town Center, complete with outdoor seating area would make most people swoon. Inside the space has beautiful vaulted ceilings, gorgeous furniture and the coffee equipment proving top shelf. 

As for coffee that day, I went with an espresso of a single origin Peru and a drip of a Guatemala. The espresso, pulled short/medium with brown crema, smacked of clementine, caramel, blackberry, seltzer, hibiscus and almond milk, proving super bright and sweet. The drip coffee also delivered accolades, with sultry notes of cherry, cream, Italian bread, caramel, sesame, plum and a tinge of cherry tomato. 

After drinking in the atmosphere and polishing off my beverages, I had to bid adieu to Crimson. If you happen to be in the Columbus area, check out this new chapter of Crimson Cup in a beautiful retail space.   

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