Friday, May 18, 2018

Amity Coffee Roasters

Subject: Amity Coffee Roasters
Location: Greenwood, DE
WiFi?: yes
Rating: 4+ [see key]

In my travels, rural northeast towns are some of the hardest spots in which to locate good coffee. I do love driving, but there remains only so much distance I can convince my passengers to detour for a decent cup of coffee. Thankfully, the regional prospects are getting better and fewer trips exists where a good, local shop is completely out of reach.

Recently on a trip south through the depths of Delaware, I discovered a promising-looking cafe called Amity Coffee Roasters. Located in the lovely town of Greenwood, Amity shares a huge old general store space with a fantastic antique and handmade store called Wilderlove. The cafe exists largely on the right side of the building, offering plenty of seating well-situated around their counter. 

As for coffee, Amity roasts their own and holds to slightly darker roast norm than I would normally like, yet despite the darker roast, the coffee was still pretty tasty. The espresso, pulled medium with a blonde crema, tasted of vanilla, pretzel, buttered crackers, milk, cracked pepper, mustard greens and dark chocolate, making for a decent espresso with a light kick of sweetness. The pourover of their lightest roast, a medium/dark Tanzania Peaberry, threw down notes of graham cracker, toffee, pear, a little apricot, some light pineapple, pepper and romaine in a medium/heavy body.

After sipping my drinks and perusing the many nifty items of Wilderlove, I had to hit the road again and bid farewell to this wonderful oasis in the midst of the open Delaware highways. Whether you're heading to a Delaware beach or you're just passing through, stop in Greenwood for some coffee at Amity Coffee Roasters as well as a scripted kitchen sign or a vintage rocket at Wilderlove. 

These wonderful folks made this visit possible in part. Make sure to check them out!

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