Monday, February 27, 2012

CC: Quixotic Coffee

Subject: Quixotic Coffee
Location: St. Paul, MN
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 6+ [see key] 

A good name is all too important when you first dub your coffee business. While some go for simple ("town's name coffee") or pun-ny ("sir ippee coffee"), something that projects a good mental concept is what I find to be best. Few places have done a better job in setting my mind ablaze with visual imagery then Quixotic Coffee.

Fortunately, finding and interacting with Quixotic Coffee was anything but quixotic. I found their location in a nice strip of shops near the Mississippi River with large open windows. Within, the place is a bit dark, with rich red walls, a black ceiling and a very minimalistic layout complete with a conference room in the back. 

Moving on to the coffee, I ordered two drinks that utilized Mad Cap Coffee (though they also rotate in other roasters): a drip of their Santa Lucia Costa Rican and an espresso of their 3rd coast blend. The espresso, pulled short with dark tan crema, demonstrated black berry jam amidst a creamy texture, with hints of coriander, sesame and light salt (a delicious and skillful pull). The Costa Rican came out blazing with bullets of cherry, hefeweizen, coca cola, cascara, black tea and a little fig amidst a medium body; also a tasty cup of coffee all too pleasant.

Unlike Don Quixote, I found exactly what I was hoping to find in Quixotic Coffee. Definitely give them a go if you're in the Twin Cities. 


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Brian said...

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Somerset wedding gal said...

Your discussion of the coffee's name made me think - how much of a subconscious effect do you think factors other than the coffee (eg its name, presentation etc) have on its taste? A good name and nice presentation would probably make me feel as though it tasted even the tiniest bit better, if you know what I mean?

Richard Giles said...

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