Thursday, March 01, 2012

Mugged: El Salvador [Kifu Coffee]

Mugged: El Salvador Santa Rita Natural
Rating: 4+ [see key]

How a coffee is processed after harvest has a huge impact on what you end up drinking. Yes, this statement is obvious and elementary to most people reading this, but it seems a lot of people still remain oblivious to it. Yet for the still small recognition it gets, it really exemplifies the huge role that the farmers play in making great coffee. Stellar beans come from back-breaking work and lots of thorough processing.

One of the older methods of processing coffee that today has flared up in popularity is the dry process, which allows the cherry to dry on the bean, resulting in the bean absorbing much more of the fruit then in other methods like the wet fermentation or machine-assisted wet processing. Recently I was able to try out one of Kifu Coffee's dry processed coffees, this one from El Salvador, a coffee reputed to have lots of apple. I sampled it via drip, siphon and french press.

The drip produced a cup with grapefruit, nutmeg, corn on the cob, shredded wheat, a little hickory and some earthiness amidst a medium body. A bright and smooth coffee that proved fairly delicious. 

The french press held less brightness, with less flavor of grapefruit but still similar tastes of corn on the cob, nutmeg, shredded wheat, powdered sugar and hickory amidst a medium body. This cup proved also delicious though not as wonderful as the drip. 

The siphon proved in the middle of the other two infusions, with a bright flavor more resembling a tea of rose petals, although corn and grapefruit still appeared in addition to sugar, nutmeg and a little smokiness within a medium body. Overall good. 

Kifu's El Salvador proved to be a spiffy dry processed coffee, though I never really found the brightness to be like an apple (more tart then most apples I've had). Aside from some minor over-piquant notes and some light smokiness (it didn't seem to fit), I would heartily recommend this coffee.

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.


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Anonymous said...

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Rafael said...

It is a very good blog, I really like to taste pacamara coffe from El Salvador. Regards!

Anonymous said...

wow... seem like it is a very good coffee bean! Drooling over it! right now it is in a very cold room, having a warm cup of coffee siting in front of computer and work. It is nice