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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Iced coffee has always been easier for those adept at planning. Whether it's cold brew with it's overnight brew time of around 12 hours or regular hot coffee chilled in the freezer for an hour, making iced coffee takes time. For those of us wanting it done fast and/or fresh, that usually only leaves the option of flash brewing your coffee, basically brewing a double-strength pourover straight over the correct volume of ice so that the finished iced coffee results in the correct brew ratio.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tea of a Kind

The concept of fresh-brewed tea is a concept all but bereft from packaged goods. Sure you might pick up a bottle of iced tea that reads "freshly brewed" from your local 7-11, but the idea is somewhat incredulous that the brew sitting in the container is similar to what you could make at home with the same ingredients (minus the fancy chemicals of course).

But some companies don't see the barrier of a freshly brewed iced tea as something impossible to the bottled beverage concept, and said companies have undertaken some heavy R&D to make it a reality. Take Tea of a Kind, a bottled tea company currently only sporting three bottled tea products. But these three teas hold a distinct difference over other beverages in that the bottle only contains reverse osmosis water, with the other ingredients being stored in their patented Gizmo closure within the cap. When the cap is twisted to open the bottle the other ingredients erupt into the water to create a fresh infusion of tea.

Curious to the potential of this ingredient delivery system, Tea of a Kind sent me out their three flavors to try: Peach Ginger Black Tea, Pomegranate Acai White Tea and Citrus Mint Green Tea. All three came in sleek, curved plastic bottles filled with (what looks like) simply water.

Upon twisting the cap, the tea and other ingredients shoot out like a squid ejecting ink, making the once clear solution darkened with the sudden infusion. After about three seconds, I did a little shake to further mix the ingredients and then it was ready to ingest.

Since all three contain Stevia, each drink had that flavor of artificial sweetener that made the otherwise tasty flavors lack luster. The teas otherwise tasted similar to their names and were fairly refreshing.

All in all, the Gizmo means of delivery made for an extremely interesting beverage. I would be curious to see how it would work in an unsweetened beverage or with a beverage using sugar, as the Stevia version made these three Tea of a Kind flavors a bit off in flavor.

Thus if you're looking for a bottled iced tea with true means of fresh infusion, try out Tea of a Kind online or in a store near you.

note: tea was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback. 

Friday, September 07, 2007

Iced Coff-tea

In some coffee perusing, I ran across this odd recipe for an iced coffee and iced tea hybrid. Granted summer is almost over, but it's something to give a try before the heat leaves altogether.

I would think most coffee/tea combos could produce a decent product, but I would avoid using very distinct teas (such as the smoky Lapsang Souchong) or a coffee that's over-roasted (but you don't need Cup of Excellence coffee to make a good iced coffee).