Thursday, May 30, 2024

Black Fox Coffee

Subject: Black Fox Coffee
Location visited:  550 Madison Ave, Manhattan, NY
WiFi?: not sure actually
Rating: 6+ [see key]

For all of the traffic nightmares I have getting into New York City, I genuinely love the cafes that the city fosters. There are postage stamps espresso bars, old print-shops-now-coffee-shops and sometimes coffeehouses so pretty and idyllic, their existence defies belief.

Such is the case with one of the Black Fox cafes in midtown Manhattan. Located in a pristine urban garden, this cafe offers a pick-up window for patrons to enjoy their coffee on the go, or in the beautiful surrounding Eden. The cafe itself is spacious in its footprint, with lots of windows, but it is important to note that all of the expansive seating exists outdoors, ranging from tall tables to singular seats.

As for coffee, the coffee offered for the drip and the espresso that day was the same blend (Mario Zamboanga I believe was its name). The espresso, pulled to a medium volume with light brown crema, smacked of lemon, Italian bread, cream and watermelon, proving bright and smooth. The drip also made for a delicious cup, with sweet notes of cream, milk chocolate, graham cracker, blackberry and almond cookie. 

After enjoying my drinks in the lovely surroundings, I had to move on. If you're ever in Manhattan, check out a Black Fox location for great coffee in a beautiful space. 

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