Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ethiopian Guava Smash - Cup and Spoon

One of the best facets of summer are its refreshing caffeinated creations. Though I tend to be a purist when it comes to my coffee, I have grown to appreciate a well-made concoction, especially when it's cold and refreshing, as there's something almost transcendental about a great iced beverage with a splash of quality coffee.

One creation that recently caught my eye came from the wheelhouse of Cup and Spoon's menu innovator Alicia Bigford. The drink, called an Ethiopian Guava Smash, uses a bright mix of an Ethiopian espresso from Littlefoot Coffee paired with guava, lemon, and muddled mint, then served over ice and garnished with a flower. 

For those that would like to sip this drink at home, Cup and Spoon has graciously passed on the recipe below. Try it out for yourself, or just stop by their shop and order one. 

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Ethiopian Guava Smash
A refreshing blend of bright Ethiopian espresso coupled with sweet fruit flavors, served over ice.
  • 10-12 leaves fresh mint
  • 1 oz guava syrup
  • 3 oz lemonade
  • 1 doubleshot Littlefoot Ethiopian espresso
  • Ice
  • edible orchid flower for garnish
Place 5-6 small mint leaves in the bottom of a 12 oz glass cup
Add 1 oz of the guava syrup
Use muddler to muddle the mint and guava
Add 3 oz of lemonade
Add a double shot of perfectly extracted Littlefoot Ethiopia espresso
Pour liquid into metal shaker and pour back and forth a few times into the other shaker
Pour back into the cup and top with ice
Garnish with fresh mint, one orchid flower, and a brown stir straw
Prep time: Execution time: 4 mins Total time: Yield: One 12 oz serving


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Matt said...

The right article on the right time,I mean who doesn't love a great cold coffee recipe in the summer,Thank you Bill for this easy creative recipe