Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mugged: Peru La Convencion [Caffe Vita]

Subject: Caffe Vita
Coffee Mugged: Peru La Convencion
Rating [see key]: 4+

For a brief time in my life, I lived walking distance from a good coffeehouse called Rockford Coffee. Ironically it was also the poorest time in my life, so regular visits were not as regular as I would have liked, but when I could justify it, this coffeehouse was a pleasant haven for quality coffee and enjoying some downtime. Rockford was also my first exposure to Caffe Vita, and in the almost ten years since I first sipped a Vita coffee, I've always had my eye on company developments such as new locations (in 5 cities now) as well as their ever-evolving list of coffees.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sample their Peru La Convencion, a washed coffee from farms deep in the interior of Peru. The coffee is labeled a medium-light roast and while I have not had this coffee from Vita prior, I do recall seeing it in their past product line-up. I sampled this coffee by pourover, french press and siphon.

The pourover demonstrated salted caramel, pretzels, fig, sesame seed, sauteed spinach, beef broth and a touch of garlic in a medium/heavy body; a deep and savory brew. The french press proved a good deal sweeter amidst savory flares, with notes of caramel, pretzel, cream, oregano, olive oil and slight butterscotch. The siphon was the lightest in body though still maintaining the sultry essence, with flavors of whipped cream, oregano, olive oil, fig, pretzel and wheaty biscuit.

While I would definitely notch this coffee a little higher on my roast scale (maybe take the "light" out of medium-light roast), it proved to be a full-bodied coffee with malty and robust facets. If you seek such a Peruvian coffee, head on over to a Caffe Vita location or their online store. 

Note: The coffee was provided free of charge, the above review is objective feedback.

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