Friday, July 23, 2010

CC: Roast Coffee Company

What's does "CC" mean? Location visited: Milwaukee, WI
Free WiFi ? : yes
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My final stop in lovely Milwaukee was a place called Roast Coffee Company. Having need for a good coffee stop for the road, Roast seemed like a fitting final stop for my short time in Milwaukee, as they have displayed their yearning for excellence through hosting numerous Barista jams over the years.

Roast occupies a street-corner cafe near the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus. Inside, the cafe possessed a very mellow atmosphere, with lots of earth tones, a copper ceiling, an older tile floor and oodles of seating.

I ordered a cup of Rwandan 100% Bourbon (from Anodyne Coffee Roasters) via pump pot. The coffee proved sweet, like a honeycrisp apple with hints of grain, caramel and a medium body, though it also had a stale quality that reduced the cup to less than wonderful. The espresso, a quality short pull with nice crema, smacked of dark cocoa, a little lemon, sugar, cinnamon and chocolate milk on the end. The tea is Rishi free leaf.

Despite the older drip, the experience at Roast seemed to be splendid. I left a happier man then whence I arrived. Give Roast a swirl if you're nearby.


I.Q. Marlene Briones said...

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Carrie said...

Some awesome coffees from some of the best and upcoming coffee companies.

Amanda said...

Great place

Loose Green Tea said...

Great tasting coffe and free wifi... cool

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