Monday, May 24, 2010

CC: Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company

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Location visited: Milwaukee, WI
(Kinnickinnic Ave location)

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Having little experience with Wisconsin, I was somewhat surprised when I drove into Milwaukee and found nothing alluding to cheese or Pabst Blue Ribbon. What I did find was what seemed to be a pretty happening city right on gorgeous Lake Michigan.

Driving on a beautiful spring day, I had my sights first on some morning coffee and a little bit of work in a local establishment called Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company. Having heard rumor of their dedication to quality coffee, I blazed a hasty route to their South Kinnickinnic Avenue location which sits proudly on a street corner in what looked like a cute neighborhood.

Inside, the counter and roasting area sit as a peninsula in the center of the shop with seating on both sides, all very aesthetically complimented by local art and knickknacks. To bring it to the next level on this particular day, a pair of older gentlemen were jamming on an accordion and trumpet off to the side (an AMAZING addition to the atmosphere).

After sizing up a spot to work, I ordered myself a cup of Rwandan and an espresso. It could have been the blazing rays of exterior light streaming in, but the Rwandan hit me with a little sunshine (yeah, I know it's not a flavor) as well as bright pomegranate, butter, grass, sunflower seed and a tinge of habanero (a splendid light roast). The espresso, pulled short with marbled crema, held notes of lemon, cinnamon, chocolate, apricot and sugar with only a mild bitterness; a great beverage pulled by skilled hands. The tea is Rishi.

After a productive morning and some delicious coffee, I left with a much stronger appreciation of Milwaukee and of their coffee. When in the area, pop into Anodyne.


Sean Gill said...

Still in my hometown? Milwaukee has a surprising number of good local roasters. If you're still here, or come back in the future, try Stone Creek Coffee and Alterra Coffee. Alterra on the Lake is fun, built in an old pump station. I'm a little sad to be heading west in a few weeks. We'll see how Denver stacks up for coffee.

Anonymous said...

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