Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mugged: Kona Blend [Don Francisco]


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Don Francisco's Coffee
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Kona Blend
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ime and time again, I hear of friends and associates not being able to find a good Kona blend. Though in my opinion heinous, it seems that some roasters seek to use the Kona name for its brand possibilities rather than for its coffee quality.

But then there are some roasters that use Kona paired with other good coffee to make a great blend. Such is the case with Don Francisco's Coffee out of LA, a coffee roaster that seems more at home in a grocer's aisle then a local coffee house. I was offered the chance to try a few of their coffees and taking in the Kona first; whole bean, of a medium roast and smelling delicious.

I first infused this coffee via french press, with the ensuing brew embodying a cup of pecan pie with notes of cocoa, flowering grass and fig. The body was smooth, milky and overall delectable.

Next up, via drip, the pecan pie roared in again with more flowering grass and cocoa. Also with a nice smooth body, there were a lot of similarities to the french press.

The siphon gave the darkest potion of the three, with much more rich chocolate following the pecan pie. Fig was noticeable along with the presence of flowering grass. Another smooth, quality cup.

As my first experience with Don Francisco, I was delighted with this Kona Blend. If you are looking for a Kona blend at a decent price, give this one a try.

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.


Victor said...

Kona blend is one of my favorites. Love it in the morning....not too strong, but yet enough body to get your taste buds rolling. I had recently had the pleasure of sampling a Kona Blend my friend the other day had and it was from a company called Kaffe Magnum Opus, or KMO Coffee. I thought it was magnificent. Just another to try, but it was good.

Coffee Expresso Makers said...

Kona Blend is one of the best and the most soothing experience of having quality coffee. I think people would definitely purchase this awesome coffee.

johnwwwatson said...

Been to Hawai'i had lots of Kona, peaberry dingleberry, as we say in Hawai'i "choke" (means a lot).
Stuck on the mainland, looking for some aloha in my grinds, I find DF Kona Blend. Yeah right, everyone puts Kona on the blend to $ell. I give the package a lttle squeeze to get some smell from the vent... hmmm.
I pull my Steve Jobs communication device and search for DFKB, and find good reviews. I also see 2lbs on Gavina website for $27 and Smart & Final for $14, so my little brain goes "pi-yow!" and I rush my swag home before they realize my bounty. Having to wait until current stock is gone, I prepare for the morning which has arrived and I write to you now with coffee laden lips of satisfaction.
I love the taste of expensive Kona, but I don't like giving profit to some bean trader, so when I find a fair price, I know it.
This blend is good. I would buy it if I were back on da islands brah.
I would relish your imagination with more folklore but my bean juice is getting cold. Aloha

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Minutus said...

We drank it for years until local grocery stores no longer carried it. Excellent taste for the price back then.