Monday, February 15, 2010

Mugged: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe [Lacas Coffee]


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Lacas Coffee
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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
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Much like coffee is nothing new, the American coffee industry has been bustling for some time now. Little did I know that I grew up fairly close to a coffee importer and roaster that is about to turn a century old.

Lacas Coffee (located in Pennsauken, NJ) is a familiar coffee name if you happen to glance at diner coffee stations, local restaurants or the occasional area coffeehouse. I have sampled their brews occasionally and have never been too impressed with the lackluster, out-of-a-hot-plate carafe sludge (though they do get points for not grossing me out).

But since my Lacas experiences have all been with coffee in the hands of others, I was intrigued by the offer to try out a pound via Coffee For Less, a coffee distributor seeming to focus on your typical "popular" consumer coffees.

I received the coffee fairly quickly, opened the colorful packaging and dove in. I sampled the medium/dark coffee via drip first, then siphon and ended with french press.

The drip produced a juicy coffee, mostly reminiscent of apricot or pear, followed with a deep cocoa, a tingle of lemon pepper and a noticeable bitterness. A smooth coffee in the front with a rough kick on the back.

My experience with the siphon proved to be brighter (as in acidity). The brew had a lemony character paired with the apricot, still showing some chocolate but also drawing out a little cashew and sage. Again, a bit bitter on the back.

Finishing off with the french press, this cup was more similar to the drip. It held a similar apricot and deep cocoa beginning as well as the noticeable bitterness towards the end, but this batch put forth a little bit of cinnamon amidst the bitterness.

To put it simply, this particular coffee from Lacas appeased me but it did not wow me. While Lacas is an old business that seems to (try to) march with the times, I think they could do better.

As for Coffee For Less, they had good turn around and the coffee seemed fresh. If you are in the market for coffees they offer (such as Lacas), I would recommend giving them a run around the block.

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.


Peter said...

I've been out bicycling near their factory in Pennsauken and smelt the roasting. I actually stopped in and asked their receptionist who they distribute to but never actually tried any. Thanks for the review, I was curious.

Hardin Monie said...

Need Your Opinion
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I saw this coffee on Fox News. I value your opinion, watch it and tell me what you think

Bill said...


Haven't heard much about it but I usually take my coffee black and bereft of special herbs.

Time will tell if you got something there.

discount coffee said...

I have roasted this coffee a few times it really is a cut above an ethiopian sidamo or harrar