Thursday, February 11, 2010

CC: Heavenly Cup Coffee Roasters

What's does "CC" mean? Location visited: Painted Post, NY
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Sheer luck is wonderful (though I like to think of it more as a divine jackpot), especially with shot-in-the-dark coffeehouses.

While visiting the Corning area, I had a few possible coffee stops, with one called Heavenly Cup Coffee Roasters located in Painted Post, outside of Corning. Being the farthest off the beaten path, I slotted it as the first stop (with my party's permission) on our route.

Heavenly Cup's base of operations and cafe is a free standing structure on a local road next to the Interstate. The building looks new and has a wrap-around parking lot that doubles partly as a drive-thru. Walking indoors, the cafe is arrayed in a very warm, two-story space with a beautiful balcony and open atrium layout. Besides the balcony, the roasting also happens on part of the second floor (conveniently right over the counter, which could work well if they ever invest in a dumb waiter or coffee chute).

I ordered a cup of their Breakfast Blend to kick it off. The coffee had a smooth nuttiness, followed with fig, cocoa and a sprinkling of wheat grass on the end. A good, light cup all around. The espresso, a short/medium pull with some nice crema, passed on a bittersweet chocolate with hints of lemon (nice contrast), a noticeable brightness on a milk-like texture and only small tinges of what I would call unsavory bitterness (thus, a pretty good cup sayeth I). The tea is loose leaf.

As I finished up, I was counting my blessings to have struck such a proverbial gold strike (a happening that occurs about as much as cold fusion in a bear's ear canal). If you're close to Elmira or Corning, you need to give Heavenly Cup a visit.

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