Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CC: Tryst

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Location visited: Washington DC
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 4+ [see key]

Everyone loves a fun, trendy hangout. Whether it's a brunch location, a swanky pub or occasionally a pleasant coffeehouse, such places provide the venue for social construction.

Yet rarely do such places also provide good coffee (if they provide it at all) so news of a hopping place called Tryst that serves Counter Culture Coffee made my ears perk up. It didn't take much to see that the place was popular as the open cafe front displayed wall-to-wall people. Tryst offers table service (with a healthy line out the front that day) as well as the usual full coffee bar where people on the run can order their coffee and jet.

The coffee I had was the Tryst House 4 Bean blend, a dark grape-ish coffee with a buttery texture and a really dark essence (a decent drip). I got two trys at the espresso, as when the barista saw me wince at the first (involuntarily, as it was sour), to her credit she offered me another pull (the second was much better). The second pair of shots were pulled short and were sweet, chocolatey, with hints of cashew and a nice creaminess; overall not bad espresso. The tea is free leaf and they also have a full bar including beer on tap.

While I didn't get to hang out at Tryst (the line persisted the whole time), the place really seemed like a nice place to socialize and enjoy some fair coffee. If you're in need of such a place in DC, give Tryst a try.

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Anonymous said...

I loved coffee before i got on drugs and then I just was addicted to Meth and now after Narconon I can Drink it without drugs.