Sunday, September 13, 2009

CC: Harbour Coffee

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Harbour Coffee
Location visited: Williamsburg, VA
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 4+ [see key]

Colonial Williamsburg has been a fond source of pleasant memories. Growing up in a family of history gurus and roller coaster afficianados, the area had something for almost everyone in my clan (except my one brother who didn't like stuff more than 5 miles away from our house; he was hard to please).

After about a decade of absence, I was delighted to return and discover that much of my favorite spots still existed and a few new things had popped up. One such new thing was a place called Harbour Coffee in New Town Williamsburg, a random coffee place turned up on a regular internet search that seemed to hold some promise of quality.

The place sits in the back on New Town, in a rather huge stand-alone building with some nice outside seating around the well-gardened perimeter. The inside opens into a tropical, super shanty theme with a really nice decor that makes you feel like your in a beautiful South American warehouse with plenty of seats amidst the nice air conditioning.

Harbour roasts their own coffee, with several choices available via pump pot. I decided on the Guatemalan, a brew that came off saucy with notes of pear and coriander, and sadly was a little stale. The espresso, a medium/long pull, had decent crema and a slight oily mouthfeel with the flavor of an almond croissant. An all together decent coffee experience just in need of a little refinement. The tea is free leaf.

Thus, it seems that Williamsburg now has even more for me to come back to. If you're in the area, give Harbour Coffee a stop.


Alice said...

I have to ask, is it more important to have a good atmosphere at a coffee shop or fantastic tasting coffee?

Bill said...


My vote is that fantastic tasting coffee should be the ultimate goal but if you want people to come back, you should have at least a somewhat tolerable atmosphere. But then again, some of the best sandwiches can be found at scary dives...

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