Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CC: Saxbys Coffee

What's a Coffee Commentary?

Saxbys Coffee
Location visited: Malvern, PA
Free WiFi ? : YES
Rating: 2+ [see key]

One of the things that boggles my mind is how many hotels make their guests pay for WIFI. Sure everyone is out to make a buck but for goodness sakes, raise the rates about $0.25 and you'll still make money off your wireless networks. Personally I won't pay for something I can get at a nearby coffee establishment, so if I stay at a cheapskate hotel, I go coffee hunting (which I do anyway, so no real big addition to the agenda).

But recently at a sun-up-to-sun-down conference near Malvern, I was in severe email withdrawal on the third day of the conference so I had my wife do a web search (over the phone) for nearby coffeehouses to expedite the hunt. The only place she turned up that looked close by was a chain I had heard about on Menupages Philly called Saxbys Coffee. Needing really only their WIFI, I gave a call to confirm location, hours, and that they do indeed have free WIFI (which they do).

So on day four, I woke up to get to Saxbys when they opened at 630 AM. Fortunately, I found it with little trouble (though the signage was more like camouflage). The exterior was flat stone with a huge unlit Saxby sign above the door. Inside was a warm corporate chain-ish set up with numerous tables and tremendous lighting.

The coffee is their own, which to my distress, was not very good at all. I had a cup of the Costa Rican that really left me hanging as I typed away on various e-business. The espresso was expectedly worse, as it comes from these elephantine automatic machines and pumped out a tepid, body-less shot. Didn't note the tea (it was early and I was dashing) but according to their website, it seems they have their own tea line.

The only thing that kept Saxbys alive in my heart was that amidst the trend of certain coffee chains charging their customers for the WIFI, Saxbys offers it for FREE as they should. So since they got the whole internet aspect down, now they should focus on improving the whole coffee thing...

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