Wednesday, February 06, 2008

CC: Bunbury's Coffee Shop

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Bunbury's Coffee Shop
Location visited: Piermont, NY
(460 Piermont Ave)
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 3+ [see key]

New York definitely comes across to me as a funny state. Growing up in NJ, "New York" was used more to refer to metropolitan area across the Hudson. But now having traveled numerous miles across the gargantuan state, I can say it's definitely a melange of environments.

Piermont is one of the more interesting New York towns I've visited, a boating hot spot situated right on the Hudson at the bottom of "Upstate" New York (does it really start being Upstate once you get north of NYC?). Having stopped in nearby Nyack before, I was very familiar with Piermont's treacherous roads before I arrived so navigating down the hillside settlement proved elementary. Once I got to the harbor area, I began seeing some cute shops as well nice areas to walk around in warmer days.

Bunbury's Coffee Shop sits with the shops on the main stretch of town. It has an adorable exterior enhanced by large windows with an inside that matches, complimented by narrow yet oddly functional seating packed with locals.

The coffee came from Coffee Labs, a roaster closeby in Tarrytown that usually produces a decent cup of coffee. Bunbury's coffee (a Columbian that day) proved to be consistent with its supplier, having a decent flavor and body. Sadly, the espresso inversely twas poorly pulled and tasted pretty bleh. The freeleaf tea was stored in cute silver bins; I failed to sample any.

For a lovely harbor town, Bunbury's has found a good niche but they seem like they have a couple areas to refine. Granted I haven't been by in some time, so in the event that things have improved, I'd like to hear such encouraging words. But for now, give Bunbury's a try to see how they fare in your esteem.

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Unknown said...

I think you'd better get back to Bunbury's in Piermont sometime soon! The espressos I have experienced keep me cycling 40 miles for more! Combined with a great ambiance, super helpful, friendly staff and owner Tim's wit, makes this a must go destination for me and now at least 40 of my cycle club each week. All of us native Italians!!