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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bluestone Lane

Subject: Bluestone Lane
Location: Manhattan, NY [Bryant Park shop]
WiFi?: yes
Rating: 5+ [see key]

Update 11/14/17
In the past few years, Bluestone has started roasting their own coffee amidst their expansion, moving towards a darker roast as a default. 

If there's a continent that seems to burst so much with coffee love that it begins to take over other continents, it's Australia. Having been to both various Aussie operations in the UK as well as in the States, I stand amazed at how much their cup runneth over into foreign lands. And unlike the outposts of many other countries, Australians seems to sincerely love and produce high quality and delicious coffee.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Baked and Wired

Subject: Baked and Wired
Location: Washington DC
WiFi?: Yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

In my many trips to DC, I nearly always park in the outskirts and pipe in via the Metro. For the most part, I depend on the train solely to get around (unless otherwise necessary) and thus, I have definitely left out a few spots in DC from my explorations. The most notable in my mind was the Georgetown area, since the Metro has no stop in the area, and as such I have literally passed over the area in my excursions to DC, choosing convenience over checking out this fabled neighborhood.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

CC: Broadcast Coffee

Subject: Broadcast Coffee
Location: Seattle, WA (Capitol Hill location)
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

Often when I listen to the radio during my frequent commutes, I more and more have come to fully grasp the heavy handed power of sponsorship. Between commercials and overtly redundant product placements in broadcasts, it''s a wonder that I still listen to the radio.

Fortunately, the cream rises to the top and with a society of cream lovers, you'll hear the wonders of great establishments regardless of their radio ad budget. Places like Broadcast Coffee in Seattle exists as one such place I would extol as a coffee spot worth a go. With two locations, I was able to wind my way to their Capitol Hill cafe one gloriously sunny afternoon. With it's red flat awning and a line of chairs, the shop owns a simple exterior that leads inside into a warm interior, with high-top wood tables, sleek black chairs and ample lighting.

The coffee hales from Sightglass and Stumptown, both excellent roasters starting with "s." I ordered an espresso of a Sightglass Guatemala and Clever Dripper of a Stumptown Ethiopia. The espresso, pulled short with a brown crema, smacked of vanilla, orange, sassafras, nutmeg and some butter, all together producing a bright and slightly malty sweetness that delivered fireworks. The Ethiopian rolled out notes of mellow cocoa, pear, sweet lobster, wheat and shiitake amidst a medium body, also proving delicious in its totality.

To reiterate the basic gist, I found my visit worthy of remembrance. Next time you're around Seattle, tune into Broadcast Coffee for a visit you can set your presets to.

Monday, September 03, 2012

CC: Outerlands

Subject: Outerlands
Location: San Francisco, CA
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 5+ [see key]

There are few earthly delights that compare to a nice Sunday brunch with the sea air in your nostrils and a good cup of coffee in your hand. Years ago, this could prove to be a tall order purely based on the minimal use of good coffee at brunch spots but slowly, great eateries, both coastal and land-locked are coming round.

Out by San Francisco's western limits near the sea sits a couple of establishments by the shore, one of them aptly called Outerlands. Specializing in sustainable and organic local fare, their menu has received accolades and the crowds one Sunday afternoon reinforced said claim. There's a bustling counter amidst the inside and outside seating where folks can gaze at much of the menu, and if you can only stay for a spell, there's options for a quick bite as well. 

Sadly, I was not able to stay for brunch that day (they had stopped seating folks when I arrived) and since the only non-espresso coffee they offered was via large chemex for dine-in customers, I had to settle for (just) an espresso of Sightglass' Owl Howl. The shots were pulled short, held a brown crema and exuded flavors of 5 spice, lime, kalamata olive and thick black tea. The drink proved delicious and heavy, with a nice balance. The chemex coffee was also Sightglass.

Thus, the only reason Outerlands gets a 5+ is because of my circumstances in not being able to try the a chemex of their non-espresso coffee. Believe me that everything points to a 6+ and I feel a bit silly holding it back but, even though my observation of them brewing and serving it to a nearby table leads me to postulate that they certainly do a bang up job, I must leave them at a 5+ until I have tasted it with my own tongue. 

But please, by all means, give Outerlands a try as they seem to have the full-blown midas touch. If you get coffee, let me know how it is in the comments below. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CC: Matching Half Cafe

Location: San Francisco, CA
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

As many folks of the Bay Area espouse, despite the small land mass there sure is a vast variability in climate. It can be foggy five blocks from someone lying out in full sun. Do people exaggerate? Sure. Did I experience this weather weirdness? Absolutely. 

One sunny (then foggy, then cloud choked & then sunny again) morning, I took a trip over to Matching Half Cafe for a visit. Rumor had it that they were pulling skilled shots with great coffee over in the Western Addition, using local Sightglass Coffee and also providing good food, beer & wine. Finding a parking spot downhill, I hiked up to a corner building with a red wood exterior, a heavy section of outside seating and nice open windows peering into the muted space within, complete with a fair amount of inside seating and metallic blue walls. 

As for my coffee, I ordered an espresso of Owl's Howl and a Sightglass El Salvador via Chemex. The 'spro, pulled short with brown crema, tasted of chocolate, lemon, cane sugar, vanilla icing, salt and cilantro; a delicious infusion with a nice body. The El Salvador smacked of honey, melon, rye toast, caramel, a subtle earthiness, hefeweizen and cream, gladdening my tongue with the nuances of a smooth and sweet coffee. 

To put it plain, Matching Half ponied up a whole lot of excellent coffee. If you happen to be in the Bay Area, make a stop by. 

Sunday, November 06, 2011

CC: Sightglass Coffee

Location: San Francisco, CA
Free WiFi ? : no
Rating: 6+ [see key]

Finally I was able to make it back to San Francisco, a feat that has taken me since the spring of 2007 to duplicate. And in this time, the city has exploded with numerous quality coffee prospects, some more on tongue tips than others. One that I had heard great volumes of was of Sightglass Coffee, a small, seasonal-focused coffee roaster run by the Morrison siblings.  

Wasting little time, I got my traveling companions out of bed promptly on our first day and made a bee line to meet a local friend at Sightglass' spacious coffeehouse. The building is slightly nondescript from the outside, but within the space blossoms into an open atrium of wood, with the coffee bar in the middle, lots of space upstairs (it was roped off when I came) and a nice seating area along the front window. 

Ordering, I chose an espresso of Owl's Howl (their e. blend) and a pourover of their Ethiopian (I don't recall whether it was the Yirgacheffe or the Guji Shakiso). The espresso, pulled short with a brown crema, held notes of smoked pork, bright tangerine, peanuts, fresh broccoli and a little cocoa, producing an all together scrumptious espresso. The pourover of the Ethiopian lent flavors of mango, some fig, black tea, olives, a tad of caramel and buttered rye bread within a light/medium body. The pourover proved splendid as well. 

I would now say that all of the hype was well-deserved, as Sightglass delivered superior coffee infusions and did it smoothly. The only area of improvement could be in terms of adding a little more warmth to the overall decor (twas a bit bland) but this was a critique brought up mostly by my companions. If you're hankering for a quality cup of coffee, set your sights on Sightglass Coffee.