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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mugged: 2012 Reserve [Manana Madera]

Subject: Manana Madera Coffee Estate
Mugged: 2012 Reserve
Rating: 4+ [see key]

It’s not often that I get to try the same coffee from the same farm 2 years later, but fortunately there are botique operations out there like the Manana Madera Coffee Estate in Boquete, Panama that grow, harvest and roast their own beans (along with offering a pretty sweet coffee getaway). They had sent me their beans in 2010 for review, and with a pretty favorable rating I was very intrigued to see what this year’s crop would behold. 

One sunny day, I received the coffee in similar packaging as last time, straight from Panama. I tested out the coffee via pourover, french press and siphon, but since I had written my notes of the siphon on a medium I lost (i.e. I accidentally deleted it), only my actual notes on the drip and french press are below.

The pourover held strong notes apple, nutmeg, light smokiness, raspberry and biscuit. A medium/heavy bodied coffee with a pleasant array of flavors, overall ruled by a sweet tartness and hearty notes.

The french press produced varying flavors; a little smokiness, some apple, nutmeg, a little peanut, raspberry and bit of burlap. A light/medium body infusion with a twinge of a carbon on the end, this infusion proved sweet though a tad darker than I would want. 

The siphon I remember being closer to the pourover in flavors with a slightly heavier body, but alas it is only a memory. 

Thus, I would say that despite some smoky characteristics that gave it a tobacco-esque back end, I would say that this Panama proves quite delicious especially if you’re looking for a coffee with flavors of sweet fruits countered with a smoky character. I would not mind sipping this coffee on the patio their plantation villa getaway. If you’re ever on the hunt for a unique Panama coffee from a unique farm, give Manana Madera’s Reserve a try.

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.  

Friday, September 03, 2010

Mugged: 2010 Reserve [MaƱana Madera]

What does "Mugged" mean?

Manana Madera Coffee Estate
Coffees Mugged:
2010 Reserve

Rating: 5+
[see key]

good cup of coffee always starts from outside the continental US (of course, Hawaii represents as our lone coffee grower state) but usually I am not too familiar with trying out coffee roasted on-farm. I guess the idea makes a lot of sense and the only real headache is shipping.

I had the delightful opportunity of late to sample the 2010 Reserve crop of Manana Madera Coffee Estate out of Panama. The coffee seems to be their singular offering for a small farm that also seems to offer coffee tourism opportunities (only $80 a night!).

The coffee was sampled in the infusions of drip/filtered, french press and siphon. The drip displayed a nutty, strawberry flavor with hints of wheat grass, milk, honey graham cracker and a smidge of cocoa. A very even and sweet coffee.

The french press delivered a nutty cup, with more noticeable wheat grass, honey and cocoa notes, as well as hints of triscuit and cream amidst a full body. This cup actually smacked more of honey as it cooled and overall, proved terrific.

The siphon was the least distinct, still holding nuttiness, triscuit, honey and graham cracker but it had more of a bourbon kick and much less sweetness. Still good coffee though.

Though the price tag (shipping) makes it a pricey cup, the 2010 Reserve is a coffee I would not shy from (i.e. I liked it). If you are looking for a coffee truly all from Panama, then try out Manana Madera's 2010 Reserve.

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mugged: La Esmeralda [Apres Coffee]

What does "Mugged" mean?

Subject: Apres Cafe
Coffee Mugged: Hacienda La Esmeralda Diamond Mountain
Rating: 4+ [see key]

side from Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain, coffees dubbed La Esmeralda have been all the rage ever since the Cup of Excellence auction a few years back when the Geisha bean made a rising success. Now, coffees coming from Hacienda La Esmeralda seem to ride the wave of that special bean but unless you've shelled out a good chunk of cash, it's probably not the famed bean of great worth.

Nonetheless, the farm still tends to put out good coffee even if you don't pay an excessive load. My most recent encounter with the La Esmeralda was with Apres Cafe's
Hacienda La Esmeralda Diamond Mountain, a coffee that arrived in a gorgeous sleek box. The coffee itself was roasted fairly dark (not dark enough to have oil but close), a new roast profile for me as most Esmeraldas I've had tend to be a lighter roast.

I tried out the coffee in french press, vacuum press and drip (aka filtered). The french press produced a deep, succulent coffee with strong chocolate and cherry flavors and a hang of bittersweet cocoa. The vacuum press gave out a lighter, more even-keeled coffee with more of a grape flavor and a smoother chocolaty taste. The drip displayed a bright brew as well with the same grape flavors as the vac press, though it produced a bit more of the bitterness on the back end.

In a nutshell, Apres' La Esmeralda made for a good cup of coffee. If you're looking for a good coffee from a well-known farm in Panama, give Apres'
Hacienda La Esmeralda Diamond Mountain a go.