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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CC: Coffee Studio

What's does "CC" mean? Location visited: Chicago, IL
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A relaxing afternoon amidst a delightful cafe does not often happen. Most of the time, my coffeehouse visits are brief but once in a while, relaxation can weave its way into my coffee experience.

Such was the occurrence one brisk day in Chicago. I had finished my work for the day and so a colleague and I made our way to a place called the Coffee Studio for a respite. Having reviewed some press from Bon Appetit that toted the Coffee Studio as a top boutique coffee establishment, I had a piqued interest to take it in.

The setting is that of a warm, invigorating interior with a chic, modern design and a beautiful mixture of wood and exposed brick. An Intelligentsia-toting establishment, I moved to the counter and ordered myself a Black Cat espresso and a cup of their Brazil freshly-brewed via filter. The Black Cat modeled deep chocolate and sugary lemon with a milkiness towards the end, all embodied in a short pull with beautiful crema. The Brazil demonstrated what I would equivocate to a nice Belgian ale with a squeeze of citrus as well as a chunk of caramel. Together, a great showing of coffee. The tea is free leaf.

After chill-axing for a good part of the afternoon, I had to end the pleasant trip to the Coffee Studio. Without a doubt, yet another great shop to add to Chicago's north. Go.