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Monday, June 15, 2009

Mugged: 100 Kona Coffee [Kona]


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Subject:100 Kona Coffee
Coffee Mugged: 100% Kona
Rating: 5+ [see key]

ll of my short life, I've heard all sorts of things about Kona coffee. I've heard that "it's simply the best coffee...ever" and that no matter what the price, it's worth it for a pure Kona (i.e. certified to have no other kinds of coffee). And yet, I've also heard that it is the most over-hyped coffee and that similarly wonderful coffees can be found from other origins at a much cheaper premium.

But for what it's all worth, I never really gathered the appropriate impetus to push me to seek out a quality 100% Kona to put to the test. Then fortunately out of the blue, I recently received an offer from 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee (part of C&C Specialty Coffee) to try out their 100% Kona, to which I heartily agreed to sample.

The coffee came in it's bright red bag with a golden seal of certification. The roast was of a light to medium roast and when I ground it up, the Kona produced the lovely aroma of bright floral notes and berries. When I first brewed it via french press, the aromas played out quite delectably in the cup, along with some watermelon and some massive brightness. The vacuum pot produced a deeper cup accompanied by a little more watermelon. The drip also produced a smooth beverage, with a pleasant brightness and delightful acidity.

While I felt that the coffee held up to the substantial hype of pure Kona coffees, I can't say I would make it an every week purchase (little pricey). So if/when you're looking to try out a good pure Kona, give 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee a run for your money.