Friday, November 19, 2021

Essy's Coffee and Frozen Yogurt

Subject: Essy's Coffee and Frozen Yogurt
Location visited: Bozeman, MT
WiFi?: yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

As a place I called home for nearly a year, I am always happy to return to Bozeman. The town is sadly losing some of its quaint quirks with its ever-growing popularity, but one positive is the increase in quality coffee establishments. The newest to my eyes on my recent visit was a combo that is not often seen, that of frozen yogurt and coffee at a place called Essy's. 

Located in a strip mall across the street from the Montana State University, Essy's boasts a spacious shop with beautiful decor, a wall of frozen yogurt machines and plenty of seating. The shop seems to do a good job of straddling the line of dessert shop and espresso bar, as I would imagine certain demographics like families and college students would love a nice espresso paired with frozen treats.

As for coffee, they offer Treeline and also a rotating roaster, which was Monarch when I visited. I ordered an espresso of Treeline's Rock Me Momma and a drip coffee of a single origin Tanzania from Monarch. The espresso, pulled short/medium with notes of chocolate, lemon, cream, blood orange, rum and cherry syrup, proving bright and smooth. The drip coffee also proved delicious, with smooth notes of chocolate, milk, mango and cherry cola.

After finishing my drinks, I had to make my way to another engagement but I was quite pleased with my visit. If you're in Bozeman and have a hankering for good coffee and/or quality frozen yogurt, head on over to Essy's.

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