Thursday, August 15, 2019

Solo Espresso

Subject: Solo Espresso
Location: New Orleans, LA
WiFi?: yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

When I first planned out a recent trip to New Orleans, one of the first Airbnb spots my wife spied sat adjacent to a coffeehouse. Never being too hopeful that such convenience can result in great coffee, I got my hopes appropriately low and googled the shop. Little did I know that said cafe would soon become one of my favorite coffee shops in the city.

Solo Espresso was the name of the cafe and while we didn't end up staying at the Airbnb next door, my bride and I made our way to Solo the very first opportunity we had. We pulled up to their Bywater location one humid, sunny morning to find the shop situated on a largely residential street. Beautifully arrayed with tropical plants, the front garden lead through a tiny grotto and unto the hefty wooden doors of the cafe.

Inside, the shop is long and cozy, full of sunlight and beautiful decor. The space contains a large central bar and a healthy amount of seating for the square footage. Also, on the weekends there exists additional food options from other vendors, all situated right outside the doors for convenient access.

As for coffee, they boast an impressive line-up with coffees from Ruby, Panther and Onyx. After some discussion, the barista guided me to an espresso of a single origin Colombian and a cup of drip utilizing a seasonal Creamery blend, both coffees coming from Ruby. The espresso, pulled medium with brown cream, smacked of nougat, lemon, nougat, cream, rhubarb, rye toast and peach tea, proving bright, sweet and delicious. The filtered coffee also made for a superbly smooth brew, with notes of honeydew, strawberry, creamsicle, caramel, apple, chocolate milk and nutmeg in a medium body.

While I had a full itinerary planned for the day, I found it hard to part ways with Solo. Regardless of your proximity to the Ninth Ward, if you're close to NOLA, you must absolutely go out of your way to check out the wondrous happenings of Solo.

These wonderful folks made this visit possible in part. Make sure to check them out!

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