Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Hotel RL + Victrola Coffee


Many people expect a decent cup of coffee in the morning when they stay at a reputable hotel. Is it too much to ask for a hot cup of joe that doesn't taste like old cigarettes? Experience would echo with a resounding "yes." Sadly the expectation for good hotel coffee has been eroded over time, with tons of mediocre (at best) coffee experiences regularly tarnishing the mornings of coffee lovers across the globe.

But fortunately, some hotels are exceeding expectations in terms of coffee excellence. Take the Hotel RL, who not only offers great coffee from Seattle juggernaut Victrola Coffee Roasters but they have actually gone as far as to build a legit coffee bar in many of their lobbies. Having the opportunity to stay at their Baltimore location this past weekend, I was able to experience this hotel rarity firsthand.

Arriving at their location by the inner harbor, I was greeted by a beautiful lobby inside the historic Keyser building. The front desk is actually a staff member equipped with a tablet, able to take care of guest needs from anywhere. The hotel itself boasts ten floors of gorgeous modern rooms, not to mention a beefy fitness center and valet parking.

Moving onto the reason for my visit, I found the coffee bar reminiscent of a high-end shop. Boasting a vibrant 3 group head Synesso MVP espresso machine, a Nuova Simonelli grinder, a pourover bar and a cold brew tower, the Hotel RL has gone above and beyond in terms of equipment. As far as practice, all coffee drinks are complimentary until 11 AM for hotel guests and drip coffee is available at no charge all day long.

As for my coffee, both the espresso and the drip coffee proved tasty and well-prepared. The drip, brewed and positioned in the lobby for self-service, is refreshed often and offers regular and decaf coffee. Drinks from the bar, pulled by a trained barista, are prepared with skill and expertise and range from no-nonsense espresso to affogatos to custom lattes.

All in all, if you're a person looking for a great hotel stay with free morning lattes and convenient locations, check out the Hotel RL.

While this post was sponsored by the Hotel RL, it conveys an objective experience and were it not true, would not have been posted. For more information on their locations and services, check out their website at

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