Monday, September 11, 2017

West Chester Coffee & Ice Cream Bar

Subject: West Chester Coffee and Ice Cream Bar
Location: West Chester, PA
WiFi?: yes
Rating: 5+ [see key]

Many people find it odd that my wife does not really care for coffee. Maybe it was God's way of balancing out my great coffee affections, but every time we go to a coffee shop, she simply declines a drink and stands to the side, not even desiring a latte or spot of tea.

Fortunately she does love ice cream, and thus locating shops that sling both quality ice cream and coffee come as timely blessings. One such haven of excellence resides in the lovely Philadelphia suburb of West Chester: a shop simply called the West Chester Coffee and Ice Cream Bar. Located in a black-clad exterior on Gay Street, the shop boasts an open coziness, with huge, sun-filled windows and teal booths amidst the sleek, monochromatic walls. 

As for coffee, they peddle a variety of roasters such as local favorites Reanimator and Greenstreet Coffee Roasters. For my coffee, both were Reanimator blends consisting of their Foundation blend for espresso and their Keystone for pourover. The espresso, a medium pull with brown crema, serenaded me with lemon, croissant, blue corn chips, raspberry, cream, chocolate and fig, proving multi-faceted, bright and sweet. The pourover also stood victorious, with delicious notes of nougat, buttermilk biscuit, pomegranate, cream and asian pear in a smooth, medium body. 

While my wife was not with me during this particular visit, the ice cream does not disappoint, as they serve up flavors from great creameries such as Graeter's, Little Baby's and Scooped (complete with vegan options). Thus, if you seek a great cup of coffee or a good cone of ice cream, check out the West Chester Coffee and Ice Cream Bar in lovely downtown West Chester. 

These wonderful folks made this visit possible in part. Make sure to check them out!

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Kerry Schultz said...

Thanks for the detailed review of the place and being an ice cream lover myself, so happy to hear the place is good, If I'm ever nearby, will definitely try it for myself. Hope to see more soon!