Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Scout and Co.

Subject: Scout and Co.
Location Visted: Scout O.N.E in Burlington, VT
WiFi?: yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

While I tend to shy away from rankings (mainly due to their subjective nature that gets passed off as empirical data), I must put Burlington as one of my favorite locations in the USA. I have been to many centers of population, and none combine the majesty of local nature so well with the amenities of a slightly urban area. I can say with utter surety that there are few things that rival a sumptuous cup of coffee sipped along the shores of Lake Champlain. 

Naturally, one of my favorite amenities would be the handful of great coffee establishments that prevail in the area. One that I recently was able to sample was Scout and Co's O.N.E location north of downtown. The shop operates amidst a vast sea of houses, beautifully nestled in a space that's both voluminous and complimentary to the neighborhood. The shop has two walls of windows that pour sunlight into the shop. On the inside, there's a generous mix of seating that offers plenty of places to sit without the place feeling crowded.

The coffee comes from a variety of top roasters, including Square One, George Howell and Coava. The morning of my visit, I ordered an espresso of a Costa Rican from Brio Coffeeworks and a pourover of a Heart Kenyan. The espresso, pulled short with brown crema, blasted me with chocolate, lemon, cream, lavendar, romaine lettuce and rose petals, proving to be sweet and bright. Not to be topped, the pourover also leveled me with a barrage of blueberry, cherry and vanilla ice cream, with subtle notes of spinach, cream soda and pico de gallo all within a light/medium body.

With the conclusion of my visit to Scout, I grew even further infatuated with the area. Whether you desire to visit Burlington for the gorgeous environment, the relaxed culture or simply the excellent coffee, definitely make one of Scout and Co.'s locations a stop on your trip.

These wonderful folks made this visit possible in part. Make sure to check them out!

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