Wednesday, November 09, 2016


Subject: Hodgepodge
Location: Atlanta, GA
WiFi?: yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

While air travel wears me out, there is no suppressing my child-like, adventurous anticipation when arriving in a distant land. Usually my routine after making it out of the airport is to make a beeline for cup of quality coffee. Thus, upon touching down in Atlanta one sunny afternoon my bearings bore me to a giant coffee venue called Hodgepodge.

Residing in a single-story warehouse colorfully arrayed in eye-catching murals, Hodgepodge was a bustling hub of activity inside, a mix of folks working and catching up with chums. The space is divided up into several areas: the counter sits in the main section, flanked by seats on the right, with a variety of other seating in adjoining rooms, including a sunlit room of couches and a huge group-work space crested by paper lanterns. Overall, the decor is an eclectic mix of styles, with some creative use in their cafe design infused with a mix of local art. 

The coffee comes from Batdorf and Bronson, a local roaster favorite in the area. As for my order, I settled upon an espresso of Whirling Dervish and a pourover of a Kenyan. The espresso smacked of chocolate cake, orange, lemon, peppercorn and whole milk, making for a balanced and bright infusion. The Kenyan also made for a deliciously sweet beverage, with notes of thick nougat, grape, gooseberry, corn chips, fig and oatmeal cookie.

After polishing off my beverages, I made my way out pleased with my experience. Especially if you seek a place for a group gathering with long hours, check out Hodgepodge for a cup of great coffee. 

These wonderful folks made this visit possible in part. Make sure to check them out!

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