Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Julio Handmade Mug

While I am no expert in the realm of pottery, I know it takes a lot of skill to make a handsome mug by hand. Having been to my share of arts festivals and student showcases, my eyes have seen plenty of decently-constructed vessels and it's not often I fall in love with one (it would probably be why I have only three or four hand-crafted vessels in my cupboard).

One handmade mug that recently caught my eye was the Julio Handmade Mug from Beto's Coffee. Like the shoes, purses and other items on the website, they are all hand-constructed by folks down in Masatepe, Nicaragua. The mug itself is not a huge container; about 8 ounces and it fits well in the palm. The bird is a guardabarranco or a turquoised-browed motmot to the birding enthusiasts, and it pleasingly dominates the mug. The mug interior bears the marks of finger-smoothed clay and hot liquid bring out it's unique marking.

Since I haven't had many cups of coffee in the mug, I can't vouch for it in the long haul. Thus, at least for the initial aesthetics and feel of the mug, this mug seems like a nice piece to add to any cupboard. If you're looking for a mug of your own, stop by their webpage and also give their Kickstarter a look.

Note: The mug was provided free of charge, and the above content is objective. 

Updated Note on 02/17/16: Since subject has now jumped on as a sponsor (huzzah), it should be noted that above review occurred prior to sponsorship and that the above content is not sponsored in any way.  


Coffee Maker Reviews said...

That's a fine looking cup. I have a few nice ones, but nothing that elaborate. Looks like I'll have to make room for one more cup.

Lydia said...

What a beautiful design! A friend of mine collects mugs and I think this would be a perfect addition to her collection.