Tuesday, November 10, 2015

KitchenAid Pour Over Coffee Brewer


No one wants a bad cup of coffee. Every bean drinker loves the euphoria of sipping upon a beautifully-crafted cup of coffee. One of the reasons so many folks end up with sludge or mediocre brew is most people hold that they don't have the time to make it the way a world-class barista would make it. KitchenAid is looking to solve this issue.

With the advent of their new Craft Coffee line of appliances, KitchenAid is seeking to take their coffee gadgets to the next level of quality. Amongst these are a sleek siphon brewer and a sharp-looking burr grinder, but the most familiar and accessible to the general coffee lover will be their Pour Over Coffee Brewer.

Taking cues from the pourover methodology of serious coffee establishments, this new KitchenAid brewer heats the water to a range of 198°F -204°F at the top of the brewer, which minimizes heat loss during the extraction process. The water spout has a shower head configuration to allow for maximum infusion during the pouring process. In addition, the brewing process allows for a steeping period prior to the coffee starting to drip into the awaiting carafe.

Curious as to the claims, I took this brewer for a spin. I used a similar ratio to my normal pourovers of 1:17 (about 28 grams for 2 cups of water) with a medium grind. The system proved extremely intuitive to program, with simple menu imagery and handy functions like the ability to increase or decrease the cups being brewed. The system also has a Roast Selector function which allows you to designate whether you have a dark roast (in which case you select "Dark Roast") or a light - medium roast (in which case you select "Medium Roast), but since I don't care for dark roasts, I only used the Medium Roast setting.

Overall, the coffee came out deliciously. The process was easy to initiate, the parts all worked together harmoniously and the resulting brews proved similar in quality to coffee I would have brewed in a manual pour over. Thus, if you seek a coffee brewer that mimics the skill of your neighborhood barista, give KitchenAids Pour Over Coffee Brewer a whirl.

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CouponShopper said...

It is truly unfortunate that KitchenAid is resorting to misrepresentation as part of their efforts in riding the wave of traditional appliance makers into craft-coffee-at-home.

This isn't a "pour over coffee brewer". It's a drip coffee brewer. While pre-infusion will enhance the brewing process, isn't enough to support their claim of the pour-over method. It has a shower-head water dispenser and uses a #4 Melitta filter, just like many drip coffee makers do.

Frankly, I'm surprised KitchenAid would misrepresent their product. I've been happy with the large and small appliances I've purchased from them.

Shawn said...

This is an interesting concept. I've been thinking about taking the plunge into brewing craft coffee at home. The Pour Over seems like an affordable option for me to do so with a lot of great features that aren't too complicated to master. Maybe it's finally time to graduate from my old school coffee maker!

Peter said...

Or for $5 you can buy a filter cone and some filters. You probably already have a pyrex measuring cup you can use to microwave and pour your water with.

Asifur Rahman said...

nice post