Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mugged: Screaming Beans

Subject: Screaming Beans
Coffee Mugged: Tanzania Kilamanjaro, Machare Estate
Rating [see key]: 5+

The Dutch have come up a lot in my year recently. In my travels around the USA, I've come across a lot of old Dutch colonies and monuments. In my readings of books and infrequent cinema perusal, the Netherlands (specifically Frisia) have come up noticeably often. And to top it off, a good friend of mine revealed to me that she is 100% Dutch (i.e. born from two 100% Dutch parents), which may not be all that remarkable for some, but in my neck of the woods it's rare to meet someone who comes from a mono-ethnic background. All together, I am cautiously holding my breath that this means that God has a trip to the Netherlands somewhere in my near future.

For the meantime, like a Dutch boy patiently plugging a sea wall, I have Screaming Beans to tide me over. Thanks to a few thoughtful family members visiting Amsterdam, they were able to grab me a bag of Screaming Beans' Tanzania Kilamanjaro Machare Estate on their last day to bring into my waiting arms but 30 hours later. Over the next few days, I devoured the coffee through pourover, french press and siphon infusions.

The pourover delivered sweet notes of chocolate, shredded wheat, nectarine, dates and almond milk within a medium body. The french press sang of shredded wheat, caramel, dates, clementines, brazil nus and some milk, proving sweet and sultry with a slight wheaty aftertaste. The siphon made for a coffee brimming with wheat, cocoa, almond milk, dates, raisin and a little nutmeg. 

Quite pleased with this mild yet consistently sweet African coffee, I can add this pleasant experience with Screaming Beans to keep my Dutch travel aspirations alive. Whether you're wandering the streets of Amsterdam or looking for a coffee from Dutch hands, check out some of the offerings from Screaming Beans. 

note: coffee was provided somewhat free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.

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