Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Viora Lid

As I have learned in the past years, there are legions of coffee lids out there for your paper cups. Back in my early coffee days where I cared more for the caffeine than the flavor, I recall life with the crummy fold-the-lip-back flat lids that more often than not proved one tear away from an epic spill. Then when I began frequenting quality establishments, I graduated somewhat exclusively to the Solo Traveler, a fine top that offered more drink stability, though it took some time to master little things like not positioning the spout at the cup seam, and how to use your tongue tip to control flow.

Years of sipping and slurping later, I've now had the chance to sample many of the world's lids. Some have been overkill, some have been unnecessarily massive and a couple have struck me as grounds for a potential lawsuit. But a precious few do stand out in my mind, such as the Viora Lid. Built to better mimic how a regular person drinks from a cup, the Viora Lid is a departure from traditional suck-the-coffee-and-hope-it-doesn't-scald-you designs. Instead of a raised spout, there's a depression that fills with coffee when you angle the cup. This allows for more air flow (better chance of catching the aroma) and for the coffee to be more accessible to typical sipping behavior.

I've actually been fortunate enough to have had numerous natural run-ins with the Viora at various coffeehouses that utilize them. In my many uses over the months, I honestly can say that I've not had a bad experience. The Viora Lid kept my coffee in my cup (no spills or drips) and made drinking while walking and driving headache free, thanks to the pooling action through the larger, recessed spout.

While I don't usually gush over stuff like disposable lids, I can't say I found anything I would improve about the Viora. Whether you own a coffeehouse or you serve coffee at a soup kitchen, I would strongly suggest trying out the Viora for your lidded needs.

note: while not really used at all, lids were provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.

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