Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mugged: Colombia Luminosa [Peet's]

Subject: Peet's Coffee and Tea
Coffee Mugged: Colombia Luminosa
Rating [see key]: 3+

While Peet's has long preferred to roast darker, they now are beginning to wander into the realms of light roasts. With the recent release of their Colombia Luminosa, their sole light roast, they're diversifying their offerings to a growing love of lighter roasts. While at first glance, the beans do not really look like a light roast (definitely more medium), the beans are indeed a good deal lighter than some of Peet's more regular offerings.

Curious to see how it fares in the mug, I tried out this Colombia by pourover, french press and siphon. The pourover yielded notes of apple, smoke, cherry, a touch of cocoa, strong tobacco and rye cracker within a medium body, making for a sweet and deep brew. The french press purveyed tootsie roll, blackberry, smoke, sourdough and malt, making for a heavy, sweet infusion. The siphon proved a little different with notes of corn chip, slight berry, less smoke, croissant, cream and apple within a medium body.

As I mentioned, this is not what I would dub a light roast but having had other Peet's coffees in the past, this is a welcome trend away from the darkness. Especially if you're a loyal Peet's fan, check out this Colombia Luminosa for a taste of the lighter side of Peet's.

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.

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