Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Mugged: Beachcomber Coffee Co

Subject: Beachcomber Coffee Co
Coffee Mugged: self-titled
Rating [see key]: 3+

While I've only been to Vancouver, BC once, it remains one of my favorite Canadian cities. The climate was pleasant, the people friendly and the coffee abundantly delicious. Thus, it nearly always pulls my interest to hear of new coffee coming from the Canadian west.

The most recent western coffee roaster to hit my radar is Beachcomber Coffee Company. With a single blend approach to coffee, they have a self-titled coffee blend made up of three Central and South American origins (Costa Rican, Brazilian and Guatemalan), all roasted to "dusk" (towards a darker roast, but not past the point of oiled sheen). I was able to test out the coffee in my lab via pourover, french press and siphon. 

The pourover issued notes of tootsie roll, pepper, rosemary, cheerios and white toast, making for a slightly dry and somewhat astringent brew. The french press proved a little heftier, with mild chocolate, pepper, beef broth, skim milk and a little cherry, making for a dry and slightly bitter brew. The siphon held out similar notes as the prior infusions, with pepper, mild chocolate, beef broth, thyme, skim milk and light berry. 

All together, I can't say I cared much for this blend from Beachcomber. The roast level proved a little dark for my tastes, and there wasn't a whole lot of vibrancy or versatility to the profile. Nonetheless, if you're looking for a medium-dark coffee with the aforementioned pedigree, check out Beachcomber of Vancouver. 

Note: The coffee was provided free of charge, the above review is objective feedback.

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Serviced Apartments Lady London said...

Shame the flavour wasn't as vibrant as the packaging!