Monday, August 06, 2012

CC: Angry Catfish

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 6+ [see key] 


Bicycling is a hobby I wish I liked. Because of my current work situation, it's not practical in terms of my ever-varying commute and in my spare time, I really find no joy in riding my wheels around town. Maybe one day it will work out, but for now the bikes get cooler each year and every sunny Saturday a new bicycling enthusiast is born. 

Probably the biggest common interest I seem to have with avid bikers is a love of great coffee. So often I find folks sitting at the table of a great coffeehouse in their racing leotards sipping away at an espresso. It's no surprise that some bike shops have opened an in-house coffee bar to cater to the many folks who would saunter through their doors. 

Far and away, the best coffeehouse + bike shop operation I've witnessed is the Angry Catfish in Minneapolis. A former hardware store, the shop has a substantial coffee bar off to the left that beautifully compliments the rest of the happenings of a classy bicycle store. Serving Intelligentsia, the Angry Catfish holds high standards of skill and quality that make their coffee formidable.

To mark my inaugural visit, I ordered an espresso of Black Cat and a pourover of the Panama El Machete. The Black Cat gave off flavors of dark cocoa, lemon, oregano, hefeweizen and sea salt amidst a short pull with brown crema, thus demonstrating a deliciously executed infusion. The pourover blasted notes of fuji apple, wheat and cashew as well as the subtle flavors of cumin, olive oil and honey amidst a light/medium body, all together providing a scrumptious coffee. 

Walking away, I knew that if I had an Angry Catfish around the corner, I probably would be arriving frequently on two wheels. If you're in the area, brake for Angry Catfish. 


Endang said...

Hello Bill,
How are you. I am trying to begin active on blogging back, and this is the first.
The Angry Catfish, uncommon name for a coffeeshop, but that is quite challenging people to visit it. The 6+ of rating also make people who read it want to stopby there. As you said, if I am in that area, I brake there.

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Buy Coffee Beans said...

Hi There Bill!
I couldn't agree with you more about loving coffee. I am not an avid cyclist or a pro. But. I do go out on my bike once in a blue moon and truly, nothing really does refreshes the tired spirit with a good cup of coffee.
I just hope you get to visit my coffee shop, aptly named Chill In Cafe in down under.
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