Saturday, July 28, 2012

CC: Urban Bean Coffee

Subject: Urban Bean Coffee
Location: Minneapolis, MN (Bryant Ave location)
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

It's always nice to have a coffeehouse to yourself during the first hours of morning light. Few things couple together better than the beams of the sun, the rustling of the barista prepping for the day ahead and the taste of a delicious coffee greeting eager legions of tastebuds.

Such was my fortune one morning at Urban Bean Coffee, a lovely coffee establishment that sits as a splendid corner shop in a nice neighborhood of Minneapolis. I had awoken early to enjoy my morning cup of Dogwood prior to a days work in their beautifully designed cafe (the counter was particularly gorgeous). I had the honor of being the solo patron for about 15 minutes prior to the onslaught of regulars poured through the doors.

For my beverages, I settled on a cup of Dogwood espresso and a drip of Raccoon Blend. The espresso, pulled short with brown crema, held notes of punchy lime, watermelon, basil, bran and a pleasant mouth-feel amidst stellar sweetness. The drip dripped with honey, raisin, wheat thin, a little peanut, sassafras and oregano, all riding upon a medium body. Both infusions proved fantastic. 

If you happen to fall upon either location of Urban Bean Coffee, have a grand ol' time and drink deep.


Anonymous said...

I find it amazing how the quality of how coffee is made can change so much between states.

William said...

Does anyone else get headaches if they dont have their morning coffee ? I only have about 1-2 coffees per day but if i dont have my first early in the morning, by about 11am the headache starts to arrive.

Anonymous said...

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Endang said...

Hello Bill
I was abcent on blogging for almost one year because of several personal reasons. But I still read your blog through my phone cell,(although not always), and of course I still a coffee connoisseur.....

Heather said...

Great- thanks for sharing! I like your site, I was just browsing coffee shop blogs and yours came up. Maybe someday you'll have the chance to stop by the Bridge Cafe! =)

Peacock Tea and Coffee said...

On those cold winter nights, a cup of Gourmet coffee is exactly what we need!

Jlink0424 said...

I wanted to leave my praise for the Urban Bean shop as well. I have recently moved to the area and have tried out several shops. Though I am the type to bounce around, I will come back weekly for my treat: a UB cold-press that reminds me of my favorite spot back home.